Baby Security Blanket

Are you looking for a special baby blanket for your new baby? One that is soft and comforting.  Something the your baby can hang onto and cuddle when the lights are low. This sage baby blanket will be there for your little one.  It is large enough to wrap a baby in for months to come and can be used in the crib, car, stroller, or even under a baby playing on the floor. Once your baby is older it will have become a welcome friend. Handwoven from 100% cotton, this baby blanket is easy care for busy mothers and can be washed and dried as often as necessary.

Lime Baby Blanket

Sage Baby Blanket - B185

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Lt Turk Baby Blanket

Lt Turk Baby Blanket - B216

Care of Baby Security Blanket

Machine wash and dry. Do not bleach as this will change the color and weaken the fabric.

Dimension of Baby Security Blanket

The dimension of the blanket is 36" x 44" after two cycles through the washer and dryer.

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