Blue Crib Blankets

A blue crib blanket is a great addition to your baby boy's room   These are long enough to cover the mattress of his crib and there are a variety of blue colors to choose from.  They will blend with many color schemes.  The blankets are handwoven from 100% cotton.

The blanket will be useful in other areas too.  It is large enough to shade your baby from the hot sun and can be laid on the floor for playtime. Your young one will not quickly out grow this blanket. It is long enough to cover up a child at nap time for years to come.  Perfect for when he needs a nap blanket when he heads off to kindergarten. 

Royal Blue Crib Blanket

Royal Blue - B186  


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Blue Crib Blanket

Care of Blue Crib Blanket

Machine wash and dry. Do not bleach.

Dimension of Crib Blankets

The dimensions of the crib blanket are approximately 36" x 54".

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