Cotton Baby Blanket

This handwoven cotton baby blanket is just right for warm summer nights and  extra warmth when it is cold in the winter. Cotton is a natural fiber. This means the blanket will breath and your baby will be more comfortable than wrapped in a baby blanket made of synthetic fiber. A cotton baby blanket is also safer than a synthetic one which can melt and cause severe burns if it accidentally catches fire.

What else can you ask for? Made from 100% cotton, this baby blanket is machine washable and can also be tossed in the dryer. This is a must for busy moms who don't have time to worry about finding the washing instructions for the baby's things.

Denim Blue Baby Blanket

Cotton Baby Blanket - Denim Blue - B195


Care of Cotton Baby Blanket

Machine wash and dry. Do not bleach as this will change the color and weaken the fabric.

Dimension of Cotton Baby Blanket

The dimension of the blanket is 36" x 45" after two cycles through the washer and dryer.

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