Baby Crib Blankets

Denim Crib BlanketThese baby crib blankets are handwoven from 100% cotton. They are larger versions of the baby blankets I weave. Large enough to be used in the crib and cuddly enough to be drug around the house by its proud owner. 

They are large enough to shade your baby from the hot sun and can be laid on the floor for playtime. Your young one will not quickly out grow this blanket. It is long enough to cover up a child at nap time for years to come. 

If you are interested in a custom blanket, let me know.   You can pick the size, color and pattern for a special blanket. The loom will be set up for baby blankets again in December 2017 or January 2018.

Available Baby Crib Blankets

Blue - B229
Blue Crib Blanket
Gold - B170
Gold Crib Blanket
Navy/Black - B228
Navy/Black Crib Blanket
Royal Blue - B186 


Red - B092 


Red Crib Blanket
Lime - B227 
Lime Crib Blanket
Deep Reed - B229
Deep Red Crib Blanket
Jade - B226


Jade Crib Blanket
Forest - B230
Forest Green Crib Blanket

Care of Baby Crib Blankets

Machine wash and dry. Do not bleach.

Dimension of Crib Blankets

The dimensions of the crib blanket are approximately 36" x 54".

For another choice in baby blankets, take a look at my Cotton Baby Blankets.