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Baby Blanket Comments

I just wanted to let you know that I bought this blanket for my baby daughter more than three years ago and it is still my most treasured item from her babyhood! This is an heirloom quality piece and I can't wait to see her baby daughter use it someday down the road.

Every mama should have a WarpedAndWonderful baby blanket for their little bundle of joy. :)

Thank you, I remain a HUGE fan of your work! :) Megan



I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the effort you made to duplicate the kids' blankey. Just from a picture of a worn out piece of old blankey you created a masterpiece! Both kids have attached themselves to the new blankeys and my life is much simpler now.

I enjoyed working with you on this project. During a very hectic time in your life, you kept me updated on the progress, and I am truly thankful for that.

You're an incredible weaver, and I wish you the best.

Melissa M.
Atlanta, GA


Hi Vila,

I have intended to write this e-mail since I received the blanket.  It's beautiful and my daughter loooves it.  She won't sleep without it. She says "no give me MY blanket" -- as if the others in her crib belong to someone else.  Thanks for working with me.

Lorissa M


Cotton Kitchen Towel Comments


The towels arrived today. You send a first class product. The packaging is superb and your labels, business card and note card are perfect. It all shows professionalism and class. I love the towels and so does my husband. I noticed the different weaves and find it so interesting and lovely.  and from a later post:  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the towels. I have all 4 hanging on the bar or rod in front of my oven. I used to have a supply of ugly, unthirsty towels there but they have been replaced with 4 beautiful, thirsty, soft towels. I did wash one already and it washes wonderfully. One thing I would say is that the photos only show the lovely weave, they do not show the feel and the utilitarian value. I love them. Thanks again.

Shelly Rosenberg
Editing Proofreading & Resume Services


Your beautiful towels arrived just now and I love them! The "hand" feels scrumptious and the weave structure is so appropriate for thirsty towels. Your colors are lovely. I am using the darker blue "towel" as a table runner and the lighter blue "towel" is designated as a bread clothe. Both will get lots of use and look so inviting and nicely woven.  Thank you!

Ellie D..
Seattle, WA



I love your work! Your towels are so beautiful, I'm almost reluctant to use them for every day. They are very thirsty, and I find, if I hang them to dry in the evening, I can use them again the next day. My husband is a farmer and is always coming in the house and washing and drying his hands - so I wanted some towels that I could use that wouldn't be soaked after the first use like so many I have purchased in stores.

My only problem now is to decide what other colors I want!


Sandi M.
Suffolk, VA