Esmeralda's Offerings

Once in a while Esmeralda has a mind of her own and there are some errors in the wraps. When that happens or if there is a bit of warp at the end of the batch, I will create other things from the fabric.

Esmeralda's current offerings are two small blankets that would be perfect in the car seat or heaven forbid, the stroller.  They might even become the favorite comfort blanket since they will be easy to carry around for snuggling on the go.  My daughter also made a variety of teething toys from scraps of wrap and baby blanket materials.

Lavender Heartsong blanketsLavender Heartsong blanket  28" x 35"
No flaws, just a short piece I made blankets from.





Wine Fern BlanketWine Fern blanket  28" x 51"
No flaws in the blanket.  I had an error that I couldn't find in a wrap so I started it over.  This was made from the piece woven before the error was make.  When I took it off the loom I found the error about 1/2 inch from the end.  If I had only gone back a little bit more...



Teething toysTeething Toys

These are made from scraps of baby wrap or baby blanket fabric.  Most are backed with a white flannel cotton fabric.

Select the number of the teething toy you want.  Click on the picture to see them closer.



Care of items made from the baby wrap fabric

Everything has been washed twice before it is mailed out. I wash on a regular washing cycle in my front loading machine with warm & cold settings. They are dried on Medium heat.  The fabric with stand more vigorous washing if needed.  Just remember that the washer and dryer can be harder on fabric and wear it out faster than normal wearing.  So wash with care to keep your wrap looking good longer.

Do not bleach.  This will distort the colors of the wrap and bleach can damage the fibers over time.

Iron as needed using the proper setting for cotton on your iron.