Weaving Terms

Here are a few simple definitions to help you understand the weaving terms I have used on this website.  If you have more questions, drop me an e-mail.

Handwoven - There are many items sold as 'handwoven'.   The American Heritage Dictionary defines 'Handwoven' as:  Woven on a hand-operated loom. 

Three-Ply - Yarn made from three strands of twisted fiber.

Two-Ply - Yarn made from two strands of twisted fiber.  Most yarn is 2-ply.

Warp - The warp thread or yarn is set up on the loom as the base for the cloth to be made.  They are threaded through the beater and the heddles in the harnesses. 

Weft - The weft thread or yarn is usually wound on a bobbin and a shuttle is used to pass it back and forth through the warp.