Handwoven Twill Kitchen Towel

Twill TowelsThe pattern for these unique kitchen towels was found in a book published in 1859.  There is a limited supply of them now, but I hope to weave more in the future. 

The towels are numbered in the picture to show the colors.  1-Quince   2-Wine  
3-Hummingbird  4-Lavendar  5-Dk Turquoise
6-Mineral  7-Paradise  8-Willow  9-Safari
Colors that are available will show in the drop down menu of the button below.
Twill Kitchen Towels - 16" x 25"
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Dimensions of Handwoven Twill Kitchen Towels

The dimension of each cotton kitchen towel is approximately 16" x 25". All towels have been washed and dried twice so they will shrink very little.

Care of Cotton Kitchen Towels

Machine wash and dry - do not bleach. To improve the absorbency for these, or any other towels for that matter, do not add a fabric softener. I wash mine regularly with my store bought towels. I use the hottest water settings and dry them in the dryer. Bleach will change the color of the towels.

The towels may not be as absorbent at first.  A few more trips through the wash will change that though.