Handwoven Twill Kitchen Towel

Twill TowelsThe pattern for these unique kitchen towels was found in a book published in 1859.  I have changed the border on the end of the towels a bit, but the beautiful circles are still the main attraction.  There is a chance an order will have some of each border. 

Current Twill Towel Colors
The current inventory of towels are shown here on the left.  Light and dark options of a color are towels that have been hemmed with the opposite side as the "right" side so one had a dark pattern and the other has a dark background.

Left Row - Willow - Moss - Lipstick
Center Row - Dark Turquoise - Lavender - Mineral
Right Row - Hummingbird - Paradise
Colors that are available will show in the drop down menu of the button below.  The number with each color indicates how many of that particurlar option are in stock.
Twill Kitchen Towels - 16" x 25"
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Dimensions of Handwoven Twill Kitchen Towels

The dimension of each cotton kitchen towel is approximately 16" x 25". All towels have been washed and dried twice so they will shrink very little.

Care of Cotton Kitchen Towels

Machine wash and dry - do not bleach. To improve the absorbency for these, or any other towels for that matter, do not add a fabric softener. I wash mine regularly with my store bought towels. I use the hottest water settings and dry them in the dryer. Bleach will change the color of the towels.

The towels may not be as absorbent at first.  A few more trips through the wash will change that though.