Handwoven Scarf, Collapse - $89.00

Collapse Handwoven Scarves

Handspun singles wool for the weft and a loosely set cotton warp allow these handwoven scarves to collapse and create an interesting addition to your wardrobe.  

These handwoven scarves started out flat on the loom.  Once they were taken off and washed the fabric took on a life of it's own.  This is because the warp was spaced far enough apart to allow the handspun singles weft to move and dissipate the energy still in the yarn into the fabric. 

Each scarf is finished with a twisted fringe.  Strands of the weft yarn were added to the black warp fringe to match the fringe color to the scarf.

Care of Collapse Handwoven Scarves

Hand wash, lay out to dry (you need to encourage the pleats when you lay the scarf out to dry not smooth it out totally flat)

Dimension of Collapse Handwoven Scarves

The dimension of the handwoven collapse scarves is approximately 4 1/2"* x 59".  This measurement includes the fringe.   *Please check each individual scarf for a closer width measurement.  Handspun yarns collapse differently from each other depending on the fiber content.

Available Collapse Handwoven Scarves

One of each of the following Handwoven Collapse Scarves are available:

Green Handwoven Collapse Scarf

Collapse Scarf - Green
#S005    3 3/4" x 59"
Cotton Warp/ Wool Weft


 The weft is a mix of greens and purples but the scarf is mainly green.



Multi Colored Collaspe Scarf

Collapse Scarf - Multi
#S004    5" x 59"
Cotton Warp/85%wool-15% Mohair Weft


The weft is a mix of purple, green, yellows with the purple being the dominant color.



Plaid Collapse Scarf

Collapse Scarf - Plaid
Cotton Warp/Wool Weft


The warp is a of yellow green, green, blue, purple and teal.  The weft contains the same colors and gives this scarf a plaid look. 



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