Handwoven Novelty Scarves

Scarves come in so many sizes and can be made with so many different fibers.  Here are some of the more unique scarves I have woven.

Tencel & Wool ScarfThis fabulous scarf will add color, texture, and fun to your wardrobe. It is woven with vibrant jewel tone colors of deep red, warm magenta, rich purple, iris blue all framed in black. The black wool yarn shrinks around the tencel blocks of color to make them puff up, adding the wonderful texture to the scarf.
The colors are 100% Tencel and the black is 100% wool Hand wash - Air dry

9.25" x 52.5"  Hemmed - no fringe


Orange Wool ScarfAt first glace this scarg looks orange. But there are a lot more colors in it when you take a closer look.

Thick orange & multi colored wool, woven with fine orange cotton.

Hand wash - Air dry
7.25"x70" including fringe


Fringe on orange wool scarf


Caring for your Handwoven Scarves

Hand wash, air dry, press if necessary