Red Baby Blanket

Have you been looking for a gift for a baby shower gift or a special blanket for your own newborn baby? This red baby blanket is sure to please. It is a great change from "typical baby blanket colors." It is large enough to wrap a baby in for months and may turn into the much loved security blanket, comforting its owner through the early years.

The large size of either of these baby blankets will make it useful in the crib, car, stroller, or even under a baby playing on the floor. Made from 100% cotton, this baby blanket is easy care for busy mothers, just pop it into the washer and dryer when needed.

Red Baby Blanket

Deep Red Baby Blanket


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Red Baby Blanket

Red Baby Blanket - B225


Care of Handwoven Red Baby Blanket

Machine wash and dry. Do not bleach as this will change the color and weaken the fabric.

Dimension of Handwoven Red Baby Blanket

The dimension of the baby blanket is 37" x 44" after two cycles through the washer and dryer.

Baby Blankets

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