Handwoven Scarf, Silk & Cotton - $78.00

Silk and Cotton ScarvesEach handwoven scarf is a mix of silk and cotton making them soft and supple.  The unique blend of fiber gives them a classy touch in a casual sort of way.  There is just a bit of shine from the silk which is set off by the matte finish of the cotton.  A perfect accent to many outfits!

The warp is 100% silk and the weft is a mix of about 50% silk and 50% cotton. The weft thread is actually a strand of the silk, plied with a strand of cotton.  I hand dyed skeins of the yarn to create these colors.  Different types of fiber will take dye differently.  The silk took the dye and the cotton did not so the weft thread is a mix of natural color cotton and dyed silk.  It gives the fabric a bit of a mottled appearance and adds depth to each scarf.

One of the things I like about weaving is the ability to set up the loom with one pattern and weave something totally different from it by making a few changes.  These two handwoven scarves where the result of those changes.  Near the end of a warp of silk scarves, I used a different order of lifting the harness and a different weft yarn. 

Care of Silk and Cotton Scarves

Hand wash, air dry, press.

Dimension of Silk and Cotton Scarves

The dimensions of the silk and cotton scarves are approximately  7" x 50".

Handwoven Scarf, Silk and Cotton - Red


Handwoven Silk and Cotton Scarf

Red  #S019   SOLD

The weft for this scarf was dyed with a true red dye.  The natural colored warp has absorbed some of the dye so it appears to be done in shades of red.  Truly a lovely fabric.




Handwoven Scarf, Silk and Cotton - Green




Handwoven Silk and Cotton Scarf
Green  #S020    SOLD

The weft for this scarf was dyed with a lime green dye.  The natural color warp and the un-dyed cotton in this fabric tones down the bright green to a lively spring color.





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