Blue Silk Scarf - $125.00

This Blue Silk Scarf is handwoven in a bold star shape design, or do the circle motifs stand out more as you look at it?  The blue shade goes perfectly with denim, so add a touch of class to your casual day attire.  Class up your blue denim jacket or add a bit of color to your suit. 

Blue Silk Scarf

Blue Silk Scarf    #S011


Close up of Blue Silk ScarfFor a more detailed view of the scarf fabric, please click on the close up picture to the right.  It is made of 100% silk thread imported from China.  There are 60 threads in every inch in both the warp and the weft.  To set up the loom for these scarves I am working with more that 450 threads and to weave one silk scarf I need to throw the shuttle over 3,500 times.  It is a true labor of love. The warp is a natural ivory color and the blue weft was hand dyed.  Look for some variation of color in the hand dyed thread. 

For more information, selection, and pictures of silk scarves please check out my Silk Scarves page. 

Care of your Blue Silk Scarf

Hand wash, air dry, press when damp

Dimension of your Blue Silk Scarf

Dimension of the Blue Silk scarf is 7" x 52 1/2"